Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ratha-yatra Slideshow.

Some beautiful photos of Tulasi - kirtaniya extraordinaire - at Sunday's Ratha-yatra festival in London. Her father Kripamoya is also leading the chanting in one of the photos. Both of them have been kind supporters of our Oxford Kirtans, and hopefully will continue to be.

The photos capture something of the wonderful event which is the Ratha-yatra festival. If you follow one of the kirtan groups and just absorb yourself in the chanting, you'll feel you never lived before!
Click here for the slideshow: London Rathayatra.


jdavyd said...

greetings - can you elaborate on how i can submit for possible inclusion in your podcast/blog?

Kirtaniya said...

Hello jdavyd!

If you'd like to write to oxchant@gmail.com we can discuss things privately.