Tuesday, 16 June 2009

June Kirtan

Our June kirtaniyas, Rasasthali (pictured above) and Gopal-hari complimented each other well; Rasasthali with upbeat, lively melodies and Gopal-hari with a mellower approach.

We were surrounded by roses, beautifully arranged by Shyama, and it was a warm, sunny day - all mingling together to make a wonderful kirtan.

Here's a slideshow of the event - the kirtaniyas in various rapt poses!

Sorry about the lack of podcasts - hope to have it all back in order soon.


Hugh said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful afternoon of chanting.
My first time at a kirtan - and, hopefully not the last.

Om Shanti,


LigthningReads said...

I had such a wonderful time - people gathered on the kirtan were so dynamic and full of life. Even though I lost my voice while singing the second bhajan, I was really happy with the warm, energetic atmosphere. It brought me closer to Divinity... What makes the kirtan good is people's enthusiasm, energy, hearts - this is even more important than a singer/leader. Oxford is a very special place because we have such wonderful people coming here.... Rasasthali x