Saturday, 17 November 2007

Our next kirtan...

... is tomorrow (Sunday 18 November). This kirtan will reflect the particular mood and flavour of the Indian lunar month Damodar. It is a beautiful month, much like Lent (in that some take vows), when devotees of Krishna everywhere sing the song Damodharashtakam every day, offering little candles made out of ghee (clarified butter) to their Lord. The beat of the song is different from the usual beat, which makes it particularly meditative. We sang part of it last year, followed by the Hare Krishna mantra. Here is last years kirtan by Gopal.

October Kirtan

Our last kirtan with Ranchor Prime is not yet up on the blog due to a rebellious (or moody) podcast server. We'll post them whenever it's feeling better. Hopefully very soon.

The photo is on Ranchor's Tambura and was taken by Pavel Tomanec. He took a few more nice photos that kirtan, which we will post together with the chanting.