Sunday, 24 February 2013

Podcast 009 - Chakrini sings Om Namo Bhagavate

Chakrini released her first kirtan recording when she was just fifteen years old, on cassette tape in those days. Since that time, and a number of albums later, she has been recognised as an important voice in the kirtan community.

In this podcast we hear Chakrini sing Om Namo Bhagavate, in Oxford, in 2011. Visit her website for more

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Podcast 008 - Rasasthali sings the Maha Mantra

This is a recording of Rasasthali Devi singing the maha mantra at an Oxford kirtan in 2009.  Rasasthali, an Oxford DPhil student at the time, was a regular kirtan leader in Oxford. She is an accomplished musician and her tunes often hinted at her Polish origins.

She gained her doctorate in Oxford and moved, with her husband to the great state of Mississippi, USA, where they are both in University employment. They have expanded the population of the world with the birth of their baby boy. Happy chanting to them all.

Rasasthali at one of our Oxford kirtans in 2008

 Download this episode (right click and save)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Beat the Winter Blues! February Kirtan

We are joyfully anticipating our February kirtan  with Jahnavi Harrison.  Jahnavi belongs to a family of talented kirtaniyas, and some of you will remember her sister Tulasi who led our December session.  Jahnavi is well-known, both to our regulars here in Oxford, and in countries all over the world, for her heart-felt singing and inspired violin accompaniment.  As she is so much in demand and is never in the country for long, we are honoured to have engaged her and hope you can join us for chanting on 17th February.

If you like chanting and live in or near London, you may be interested in Kirtan London, of which Jahnavi is a founding member.  There are regular and vibrant kirtan programmes taking place there, including a whole day of chanting coming up on 16th February.