Thursday, 11 September 2008

Breaking News from Oxford

Breaking News: The sun was seen at South Park, Oxford, yesterday. The photo was taken by Brenda Myopi while on her evening reading walk. "It really took me by surprise. I had almost forgotten how bright the sun really was, so I stood there bewildered for a few minutes until I was composed enough to take a photo." Another person, seen on the photo, also saw the event.

The sun might also appear again this Sunday during a chanting session at the Friend's Meeting House in Oxford. Cante Moore, the group's spokesperson, told us though that "it doesn't matter so much if the sun won't appear that day, even if that would be nice. The clouds in our hearts dissipates by chanting sacred vibrations. And that makes you happy." Moore, who lets off a warm and mysterious shine, could be on to something.

The kirtan will be between 4-6pm this Sunday, 14th September.

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