Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Flooded in Oxford

Last Sunday we yet again met for our monthly kirtan in Oxford, and you'd be pleased to know that the recording went well this time... You'll find them below in the highlighted links.

Ranchor Prime came all the way from London to lead us into chanting and he created such a wonderfully spiritual and relaxed atmosphere. He brought with him his Tambura (which you can see on the photo) that he bought in the 70's in Kolkata, and which he reckons must be the largest in England. It indeed had a wonderful sound. Here are our recordings:


Chant 1:
jaya radhe, jaya radhe radhe, jaya radhe jaya shri radhe, jaya krishna, jaya krishna krishna, jaya krishna jaya shri krishna.

Chant 2:
jaya radhe, jaya krishna, jaya vrindavan shri govinda, gopinatha, madan mohan


Chant 3:
krishna krishna krishna krishna, krishna krishna krishna he
krishna krishna krishna krishna, krishna krishna krishna he krishna krishna krishna krishna, krishna krishna raksha mam krishna krishna krishna krishna, krishna krishna pahi mam rama raghava rama raghava, rama raghava raksha mam krishna keshava krishna keshava, krishna keshava pahi mam

Chant 4:
hare krishna hare krishna

krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama
rama rama hare hare

As Oxford got flooded by the rising waters of the Thames, we left the kirtan flooded by the chanting (but with dry feet). I hope you'll enjoy the kirtans as much as we enjoyed them on Sunday. [The photo below is the grass meadow on the side of Magdalen Bridge, looking rather more like a lake than anything else]


Suzannah said...

Ranchor's kirtans are sublime! I've really enjoyed listening to them.

But the Hare Krishna one (the third one) appears not to be there. I'd like to hear it too.

A well-wisher.

Kirtaniya said...

Thank you Suzannah. I tried the link for the Hare Krishna mantra and it works, so I don't know why it doesn't work for you.

Glad you're enjoying them though.