Sunday, 3 December 2006


Welcome! This blog is for all of us in Oxford who likes kirtan, and of course, for everyone else who also wants to tune in.

On this blog we'll put up various kirtans (chants) we recorded at our sessions, and some inspirational postings to help us deepen our understanding and appreciation of this form of meditation.

Kirtan is an ancient form of musical meditation from northern India, which is practised by Hindus and Sikhs alike. It stems from the bhakti-tradition, or devotional tradition, and is performed in a call-and response style. This means that the participants follow the chant, melodic variances, and mood of the lead chanter.

We started our kirtans in April 2006, and the experience has been so good that we plan to continue. The pace for now is about one kirtan a month, but we might increase the frequency in the future. Please feel free to join in.

If you have any queries about kirtan, or our sessions, please write a comment or contact us at:

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